If there was ever any reason to question the power of a Ford truck, this video will lay that to rest.

The footage was captured by Time Warner Cable News in Rochester, NY. A snow storm had blanketed the area and left motorists stranded on Interstate-490. Some of those vehicles were 18-wheelers and one was a Ford Super Duty truck. The pairing was quite the mismatch, just not in the way you’d expect.

As you can see, the Ford hitches up the 18-wheeler and pulls it right out of the snow (fast forward to the 1:12 mark to see the action). There’s no way of knowing the contents inside of the 18-wheeler, but even an empty one weighs somewhere north of 30,000 pounds.

But it doesn’t matter. This Ford pickup pulled it right out, and it did it on slick snowy roads to boot. You can hear the owner of the Ford truck, Chris Johnson, say that he had already pulled out one other semi-truck.  

This incredible feat was made possible by the Ford’s staggering towing capacity and 4-wheel drive. Super Duty models can tow up to 31,200 pounds.  

At the end of the video, Johnson sums it all up nicely. When asked by the TV reporter how he knew his truck could accomplish such a feat, he replies simply, “It’s a Ford.”   

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