Many people cringe when they hear the words “service department,” and rightfully so. But thanks to a creative new job training program, Ford is changing the way consumers feel about big business.

Ford has recently partnered with the Autism Alliance of Michigan to form FordInclusiveWorks, a job training program for people with autism. The auto manufacturing company has created five new positions within its product development organization specifically for the program, and Ford will provide real workplace experience for people with autism that includes things like prepping tires for test vehicles used by the company’s engineers.

But it doesn’t stop there. Ford will evaluate the participants on their performance and enter any qualified individuals into the company’s recruitment process for future employment consideration.

Service: From Ford to You

Ford cares about more than just selling cars. It cares about giving opportunities to people who need them. And this kind of attitude trickles all the way down from the headquarters in Dearborn, Michigan, to County Ford in Graham, North Carolina.

The same people-first attitude displayed by one of America’s leading car companies can be seen in the service department at County Ford. Visit County Ford, and you’ll be treated with the same kind of respect found at the top.  

Taking the lead from its parent company, County Ford has also made an impact in its Alamance County community. Whether it’s raising money for high school athletics, fighting hunger, or sponsoring performances by local musicians, County Ford takes pride in serving those that need it.

And when customers need help with their cars, we take pride in helping them too. Our service department offers high-quality repairs performed by technicians that are all factory trained and certified. In fact, County Ford is Alamance County’s only AAA-approved auto repair facility. It’s all a result of Ford’s dedication to hiring and career training. Check out our ongoing service specials to get an idea of our commitment to serving you.

Make an appointment with our service team today and you’ll be making an appointment with the respect, gratitude, and honesty our customers deserve.