You are 12 years old. You and your friends are playing cops and robbers, or maybe a video game version of it. You are the robber this time, and you are outfitted in all black to look the part. You hop a fence and land with a thud on the other side, quietly celebrating your victory: you are sure you’ve evaded the band of “cops” who were tailing you.

Just as you take off on your victory sprint, the boys in blue come out of the bushes, tackling you to the ground and thwarting your only chance to escape. As you admit defeat and head inside to refuel, you make a mental note to be on the “cop” team next time, so you can be the one serving up justice (and winning the game).

Maybe that was the first and last time you ever thought about pursuing a role in law enforcement, or maybe you’ve had a lifelong career on the force, but one thing is for sure: the new Ford F-150 Police Interceptor is renewing everyone’s respect for the law.

The Ford F-150 Police Interceptor is here to bring the capability and toughness of an F-150 together with the technology, safety, and versatility needed in the rigorous day-to-day activities of law enforcement officers.  The F-150 Special Service Vehicle is customizable so the needs of law enforcement can be considered and incorporated, yet still offering additional cab configurations, such as the available XL trim with a F-150 SuperCrew or SuperCab configuration.

Customers can choose between a 4×4 or 4×2 drivetrain and a 5.0-liter V8 or 3.5-liter EcoBoost® engine. Instead of the stock alternator, the F-150 packs new equipment with a 240-amp alternator to allow for extended idle time. Additionally, the standard seating of the Ford F-150 is reimagined in the Interceptor, with a 40/blank/40 seat design (leaving an open center) to allow for more customization for optimized utility of the Special Service Vehicle.

Finishing off the adjustments to take the F-150 from petrol to patrol is the replacement of the standard interior carpeting with convenient vinyl flooring, so the cleanup requirement for messy jobs just got a lot easier.

The Ford F-150 Police Interceptor takes its place in Ford’s fleet of Special Service Vehicles, including SUV, Sedan, and Utility models. Like the rest of the line, the F-150 is secured with top of the line technological and structural features to protect the officer, as well as equipped with performance advancements to accommodate the versatility of police work.

Not Special Service, But Still Special Edition

While certainly the most intimidating, the Police Interceptor is not the only special edition Ford F-150 around. The Ford SVT Raptor that made appearances between 2010 and 2014 took the F-150 off-roading capabilities to another level, increasing stability of the body of the truck and enhancing shock absorbers and suspension travel. An updated Raptor model will reemerge in 2017 showrooms with a more eco-friendly engine design, though the Ford SVT division has been eliminated.

Another special edition F-150 worth taking note of is the F-150 Lariat. A melding of capability and luxury, the Ford F-150 Lariat offers conveniences and comforts of a luxury vehicle in the body of a rugged, equipped pickup truck.

Still, the standard Ford F-150 offers all a blue collar guy needs to get around. Whether it’s the work site or the campsite, there’s plenty to appreciate in this pickup truck.