When you’re a do-it-yourself type of person, you rely heavily on your tools to get the job done right. This means you consider quality more important than quantity, and you don’t believe you should make the decision of which tools you use lightly.

When choosing the ideal vehicle to haul your equipment and transfer your precious creations, it only makes sense to pick the truck that holds decades of accolades tied to its name: the Ford F-Series.

Ford F-Series: The Beginning of a Truck Revolution

In January 1948, Ford unveiled its first line of F-Series trucks. This first series boasted a wide range of models which all offered different cab and chassis combinations. For their Golden Anniversary in 1953, Ford redesigned the look of the F-Series and, for the first time in Ford truck history, offered an automatic transmission to their customers.

Throughout the years, Ford was committed to putting their top performing engines in their F-Series trucks. Starting with the famous V-8 engine, Ford eventually moved to the Y-Block engine in 1954, which increased horsepower by almost 15 percent.

Beginning in 1957, F-Series truck engine choices included a 223-cubic-inch 6-cylinder with 139 horsepower or a 272-cid V-8 with 171 horsepower.

Up until 1959, drivers that wanted 4-wheel drive had to take their F-Series trucks to an outside vendor for the conversion. Ford’s inclusion of 4-wheel drive in their models cemented the F-Series as a truck that is able to get tasks done, even in the most difficult of situations and environments.  

Many body and grill redesigns were also made throughout the years, along with updates to its beds to make it look and work best for the customer. Rather than getting stuck on past successes, Ford constantly worked on the F-Series and provided updates, eventually evolving the truck into the super duty vehicle it’s known as today.

The Tradition of Excellence Continues

Since their creation, it’s been agreed that trucks are about as American as you can get. They’re right up there with baseball and apple pie topped with cheddar cheese. So, it only makes sense that the most American vehicle would be made right here in the United States.

Ford builds its trucks in Michigan, Missouri, and Kentucky, and the manufacturer recently announced that its truck-building operations in Mexico would be moved to Ohio. That means every F-Series vehicle will be made in the USA.

Today’s Ford F-150 has been named “The Safest Ever.” It has a 5-star overall crash test rating from NHTSA, standard trailer sway control, a high-strength steel frame, and many other qualities which confirm its spot at the top.

Ford also recently celebrated 100 million Ford F-150s with EcoBoost® sold. While trucks aren’t generally considered an environmentalist’s best friend, Ford has gone out of its way to make its heavy haulers more efficient. According to Ford, “The 2.7L EcoBoost® has the highest EPA-estimated fuel economy ratings of any gas-powered light-duty pickup.

Amazingly, an engine so compact and efficient can deliver up to 8,500 lbs. of maximum towing and 2,210 lbs. of maximum payload.” So, you won’t have to worry about power being sacrificed for gas mileage.

Bring Home a Ford F-150 Today

If you’re in the market for a new truck, then there is none better than a Ford F-Series truck. Since 1948, Ford has worked hard to perfect this industry-leading line of pickups. When you’re behind the wheel of a Ford truck, you can be confident in its quality, durability, and capability.

If you’d like to see the F-Series in action, head on over to your local Ford dealer for a test drive. A Ford representative will be happy to give you a walkaround tour of the vehicle while answering any questions you might have about America’s favorite pickup.