Attracting and retaining a diverse workforce is crucial to the success of a company in the 21st century. Companies should recognize, embrace, and value differences of employees. Working with a variety of different perspectives can strengthen an organization over time.

Ford Motor Company has launched several job training programs to secure a diverse workforce. Ford also takes great care to evaluate the effectiveness of current programs.

Effective Ford Technician Training Programs That Celebrate Diversity in the Workplace

Ford offers a number of training programs that celebrate diversity. We’ve spoken about how Ford’s job training programs elevate customer service and gives your local Ford dealership an advantage. We hope learning about these specific, effective training programs will help you see how Ford connects with all of its customers.  


The FordInclusiveWorks program partners with Autism Alliance of Michigan to provide on-the-job training and the opportunity to gain work experience for individuals with autism.

People with autism may have a difficult time finding a job that matches their skills. Ford Motor Company is leading this initiative to recognize what people with autism can bring to the workforce.

Ford has created five positions in the product development department that require particular skill sets common in those with autism. For example, participants will log and prep tires for test vehicles that engineers use for product assessment. These are tasks requiring high attention to detail, focus, and organization.

If they are a potential fit for full-time employment at Ford beyond the length of the program, these participants can enter Ford’s standard recruiting process.

Ford Technical Career Entry Programs

Dealer technicians – including Master Tech, Shop Foreman, Service Managers, or General Managers – participate in several Ford-specific training programs that prepare candidates for successful careers. Those programs include:

  • ASSET: Automotive Student Service Educational Training Program is a paid internship program for people to learn as they earn. Over a two-year period, students spend 6-8 weeks in the classroom and 6-8 weeks with a sponsoring Ford or Lincoln dealership. At the end of the program, a participant both earns an Associate’s Degree and valuable work experience.  
  • FACT: Ford Accelerated Credential Training Program is a partnership with the Universal Technical Institute to deliver a one-year core program with 15 weeks of specialized Ford training. This partnership allows access to nationwide opportunities for employment after graduation.
  • MLR: Maintenance and Light Repair Program provides training in specialized key areas that allow participants to have the skills needed in the competitive automotive retail market. Graduates are ready to join the workforce immediately.

How Ford Motor Company Implements Diversity Programs

MIT researchers Jayne and Dipboye found that it’s not enough to have a diverse workforce in place in their 2004 study called Leveraging Diversity to Improve Business Performance.

New initiatives have to meet several conditions before an organization can actually benefit from them. Diversity programs with specific goals and feedback are more successful than programs with vague or no goals.

Ford supports 11 Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) that help to foster diversity and inclusion. These include groups for employees of:

  • African ancestry
  • Hispanic, Asian Indian, Chinese and Middle Eastern employees
  • Veteran and active military employees
  • Employees with disabilities
  • Female professionals
  • Working parents
  • Gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender employees
  • Ford Interfaith Network, which brings together separate affinity groups for Christians, Jews, Muslims, Hindus, and other faiths.

When a global business like Ford improves diversity, honors differences, and successfully carries out effective training programs, both customers and employees benefit in countless ways. Stop by your local Ford dealership to see the results of these training programs in action.