When the terrain gets rough, you need to know your car or truck can handle it. Not only does the exterior need to be tough enough to conquer the elements, but the driver also needs to feel in complete control over the vehicle. That’s why Ford created the Intelligent 4WD with Terrain Management System™.

The Ford Terrain Management System™ was created with the understanding that standard 4WD systems cannot offer complete, across-the-board control in all types of weather and landscapes. Anyone can tell you there is a vast difference between driving on ice and driving on sand. With this in mind, Ford created four settings to allow maximum handling in whatever situation you and your vehicle come upon.

The four Ford Terrain Management System™ settings are:

  • Normal: This setting functions most like standard 4WD and only sends torque to the rear wheels when needed.
  • Mud & Ruts: When switched to this setting, Ford has programmed the throttle to function much more aggressively. Also, upshifting and stability control is limited, which allows tires to spin when needed.
  • Sand: In this difficult driving environment, the throttle throws maximum torque to the wheels. This places the transmission in lower gears for as long as possible, giving your car authority in low-traction situations.
  • Grass, Gravel, & Snow: Though all of these elements seem to be completely different, the three of them cause a vehicle to react the same way. In this setting, throttle response is tuned to minimize wheel-slippage.

Ford also includes Hill Descent Control™ in the Terrain Management System™. With this addition, drivers can set their vehicles to maintain a specific speed when driving downhill.

Currently, the only model Ford offers with Terrain Management System™ is the new Ford Explorer. This system is optional on the Explorer, XLT, and Limited trim levels, but it comes standard on the Sport and Platinum trim levels. Click here to watch a short video Ford of this system in action.

Here at County Ford, we invite you to come test drive a Ford Explorer from our new inventory so you have a chance to see how it handles different elements in person. Our dealership is located in Graham, North Carolina, just a short drive from Greensboro and Burlington.
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