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Which Ford Mustang Is the Most Powerful?

You know that the Ford Mustang is a fast car. That’s one of it’s biggest selling points: affordable horsepower. There are a lot of different Mustang models, though, and you may still wonder which one has the most horsepower. Being… Continue Reading →

Save Money with Ford Extended Service Plans

When you buy your Ford, you will have the option of supplementing the warranty in your manuals with an Extended Service Plan. In nearly every case, getting one of these plans will be well worth the initial investment thanks to… Continue Reading →

Drive Safely with Ford’s SYNC System

Distracted driving is becoming an epidemic. More and more people have their eyes on their phone rather than on the road when driving. We’ve all been guilty of it at some point, but we may not realize just how dangerous… Continue Reading →

History of the Ford F-Series: America’s Favorite Truck

When you’re a do-it-yourself type of person, you rely heavily on your tools to get the job done right. This means you consider quality more important than quantity, and you don’t believe you should make the decision of which tools… Continue Reading →

Conquer the Elements with Ford’s Terrain Management System

When the terrain gets rough, you need to know your car or truck can handle it. Not only does the exterior need to be tough enough to conquer the elements, but the driver also needs to feel in complete control… Continue Reading →

The Mustang and All-Ford Show: The Only Way to Corral a Mustang

Ford Mustang owners will have a chance to flex their muscle cars at the 36th Annual Carolina Regional Mustang Club (CRMC) Mustang and All-Ford Show on Saturday, Sept. 17 at the Carolina Pavilion in Charlotte. The show will be limited… Continue Reading →

The 2017 Ford Escape with 4WD Tackles Any Terrain

A quick glance at a 2017 Ford Escape will tell you that it’s a good looking car. Clean lines, classic colors, and a slick interior make this one stylish SUV. But as we all know, just because a car looks… Continue Reading →

Watch: This Semi-Truck and a Blizzard are Still No Match for a Ford Truck

If there was ever any reason to question the power of a Ford truck, this video will lay that to rest. The footage was captured by Time Warner Cable News in Rochester, NY. A snow storm had blanketed the area… Continue Reading →

Why Ford Trucks Like the New F-150 Are Made with Aluminum

Ford truck owners have long been saddled with an ultimatum: Choose fuel efficiency or choose durability. But you can’t have both. Smaller, lighter pickups that deliver better fuel efficiency just don’t have enough raw power. And their stronger, bulkier counterparts… Continue Reading →

Meet the Most Intimidating Ford F-150 to Date: The Police Interceptor

You are 12 years old. You and your friends are playing cops and robbers, or maybe a video game version of it. You are the robber this time, and you are outfitted in all black to look the part. You… Continue Reading →

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