A quick glance at a 2017 Ford Escape will tell you that it’s a good looking car. Clean lines, classic colors, and a slick interior make this one stylish SUV. But as we all know, just because a car looks good doesn’t mean it will perform like you want it to.

Don’t let the Ford Escape’s handsome features fool you. While this SUV is a great automobile to drive around the city, it’s also a vehicle that likes to play rough. Whether it be inclement weather or a dirt road, the Ford Escape can handle it all.  

Ford Escape: The Ideal SUV

Do Ford Escapes Have 4WD?

Capability is just as important as capacity when shopping for a new SUV. While front-wheel drive comes standard on all makes of the Ford Escape, 4-wheel drive (4WD) is an option on both the SE and Titanium trims.

The Ford Escape doesn’t have just any old 4WD system either. It boasts Ford’s Intelligent 4WD System. Unlike other systems that are done “thinking” once you put it into 4WD, the Intelligent system is constantly analyzing the road’s conditions.

Every 16 milliseconds the Intelligent 4WD system assesses the car’s traction and road conditions. While monitoring these variables, the car can then transfer torque from the front wheels to the rear wheels as needed. This ensures the driver has control of the car at all times, no matter the terrain or weather.


Are Ford Escapes Good Off Road?

Because of its Intelligent 4WD System, the Ford Escape is a great vehicle for off roading excursions. Not only can the system track rain and snow, but any terrain you might encounter in the great outdoors as well. This vehicle has some great ground clearance, so traversing minor debris or traveling on a sandy beach is a-okay.  


Why Buy Ford Escape?

In order to handle rough terrain, you need an engine to back up your 4WD system. The Ford Escape has just that with its three engine options: The 2.5L with independent variable cam design (iVCT), 1.5L EcoBoost® iVCT (the most fuel-efficient Escape engine), and the 2.0L EcoBoost with twin-scroll turbocharger.

Combine the Intelligent 4WD system with these powerful engines and the Ford Escape is a great light towing vehicle. With a maximum towing power of 3,500 lbs, you’ll be ready to load up the trailer for a weekend away.

Finally, the 2017 Ford Escape model is also the smartest yet as it contains many of the industry’s latest technological features. This covers everything from unintentional lane drift warnings, a foot-operated liftgate, and auto start-stop technology that will help you save fuel in the city.

The Ford Escape is a great SUV that is perfect for any outdoorsman. Don’t just take our word for it. Get behind the wheel of a Ford Escape yourself by test driving one at your local Ford dealership today. See it for yourself!

2017 Ford Escape: Life is a Sport. We are the Utility. Be Unstoppable.